Instagram has been continuously growing and now has more than one billion users making it a popular platform for business owners and influencers. Thanks to Instagram giveaways, many brands are now able to boost their engagement and increase their following through these contests, which potentially increases their sales. But how do you run a successful Instagram giveaway? Jordan, Luke, and Jackson Lintz, founders of the top giveaway company HighKey Clout, share their incredible journey to the top and secrets to building a successful online venture.

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According to the Lintz brothers, the secret to building a thriving business is understanding your target audience. They explain that this will help you know what you can do better to reach your goals and how you can make your campaign a success. The Lintz brothers also add the importance of investing in your ideas, surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, and being patient.

Success is a journey, and not everything will work as you had pictured. However, you should not let failures stop you from reaching your goals. Instead of focusing on the failure, Jordan recommends that you use the situation to become better and develop strategies to help you overcome potential challenges.


Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular in the last few years as various brands leverage the huge network built by the different influencers to grow their reach, explains the Lintz brothers. However, they note that the approach and strategies used are what will determine the success of your campaign.

Having been in the entertainment industry for some time, the Lintz brothers are leveraging their vast network and skills to help their clients and fans. They have collaborated with top celebrities, including Lil Baby, Kevin Hart, Nicki Minaj, and Snoop Dogg, with their unique approach to Instagram giveaways making HighKey Clout the #1 US celebrity giveaway company.

HighKey Clout wrapped up a major giveaway in which they have partnered with talented American rapper Cardi B. They have another big giveaway with her husband Offset coming up. As explained by the Lintz brothers, the campaign wil start soon on HighKey Clout’s official Instagram account and Offset’s Instagram page.

To join the contest and qualify for the final draw, one has to follow HighKey Clout on Instagram, follow everyone else that HighKey Clout follows, and then share the post by tagging your friends in both comment sections. This will increase your chances of walking away with the 4 Dior bags and 3 iMacs, which will be gifted to seven random people who took part in the contest. HighKey Clout also has a bonus entry for everyone who shares the post on their Instagram stories and tags them.

As HighKey Clout continues to thrive, they are changing how people run Instagram giveaways and bringing together fans and influencers. In the coming years, their goal is to expand their services to other platforms partnering with different celebrities from around the world. The Lintz brothers are also working to grow their press and social media agency called HighKey Agency.