Nicki Minaj has been keeping her fans entertained for the past two “New Music Fridays.” The 39-year-old Queens native, first released her single, “Do We Have a Problem” featuring Lil Baby, along with a music visual where the two showcased their acting abilities, subtly paying homage to the classic 1996 movie, “Set it Off.”

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The two would click up for another collab in the mother of one’s single titled, “Bussin.” While some may listen to the single on their way to work, or include it in their pre-game playlist, Nicki Minaj shared how she recently listened to the two-minute and sixteen-second single.

“Last night I did back shots and twerked the whole time to Bussin. Dude was losing his mind. Gave me a whole speech afterward,” Nicki penned on Twitter in a now deleted post.


 “Ooohhh it’s so soft, it’s clappin crazy, Onika I love you so much, everytime I play ‘Bussin’ Ima think about this, yoooooo how tf you do that men stupid.”

With Nicki Minaj releasing back to back, fans want to know if the rapper will keep the momentum. “What are we getting this friday??? you said every friday is gonna be pink friday?” a fan penned on Twitter.

“Lemme think. And I’m approving something today for y’all. Tmrw my #Bussin twerk video will be posted. And the lyric video as well,” Minaj responded.

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