Whether it’s in music, politics, or even sports, there will be the purists who don’t like how the new generation does things. You can hear a lot of basketball purists, especially those who grew up idolizing Kareem, Chamberlain, Magic, Bird, or Even Jordan, criticize how the game is played today. Some have even blamed Steph Curry for how the game is played now.

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Curry responded to his haters on a recent episode of the Knuckleheads podcast. He said he does not care about what the purists have to say about how he impacted the game and that he did not tell current players to play like him.

“I’m gonna use this moment to get on my soapbox,” Curry said. “Stop tagging me in all these horrible basketball clips of people taking bad shots telling me I ruined the game. I did not tell y’all to shoot that shot. I did not say, ‘Shoot that shot.'”


Do you think Curry hurt the game?

You can watch the clip of Curry’s response below.

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