Two U.S. senators will introduce a bill today that would protect children online. The “Kids Online Safety Act” is co-sponsored by Democrat Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut and Republican Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

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The bill would require social media platforms to provide parents with tools to protect their children from harmful content online, including sexual exploitation, bullying and product recommendations.

“The “Kids Online Safety Act” would finally give kids and their parents the tools and safeguards they need to protect against toxic content—and hold Big Tech accountable for deeply dangerous algorithms.


Algorithms driven by eyeballs and dollars will no longer hold sway. I will fight for swift passage alongside Senator Blackburn, my partner in this effort,” Blumenthal said in a statement.

The introduction of this bill follows the Facebook whistleblower whom released internal company documents that showed the dangerous effects of algorithms used in marketing online.

According to The Hill, the legislation would require platforms to limit the ability of individuals to contact or find a minor, as well as prevent individuals from viewing a minor’s personal data collected by or shared on the platform. It would also require minors to have an option to opt-out of algorithmic recommendation systems and establish a duty of care for platforms to prevent and mitigate harm to minors, including the promotion of self-harm, suicide, eating disorders and substance abuse.

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