Abolition X, a new podcast from Spotify, will investigate many pathways of abolition and provide a forum for voices at the vanguard of the anti-violence movement.

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Vic Mensa and Indigo Mateo, as well as producer, abolitionist-feminist organizer, and former felon Richie Resheda, will host a conversation with special guests and activists including Larry Hoover Jr., Patrisse Cullors, JT from City Girls, and more.

The purpose of Abolition X is to help establish a society based on togetherness by replacing a revenge-centered mindset. The show imagines a world where vengeance isn’t justice, where community needs are served and harm is remedied via accountability; it focuses on alternatives to police, jails, and punishment. The hosts will explore the impact of abolition on everything from hip-hop to housing and more throughout the episode.


Richie, Indigo, Vic, and their guest, inmate JJ 88, relate their experiences of how they became abolitionists in the series premiere, recalling the atrocities they witnessed as children that opened their eyes to the concept that punishment does not force people to be accountable.

In addition, the program delves into mental health, which is crucial to how we treat ourselves and one other. Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and author, joins the crew to discuss if investing in mental health can keep our communities safe.

You can hear the first episode below.