Gatorade, the world’s leading sports beverage, has launched Fuel Tomorrow, a multi-year program aimed at ensuring that everyone has an equitable opportunity to participate in sports and reach their full potential.

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Playing sports can help an athlete thrive in school, go to college, and bring additional long-term benefits such as reduced depression, increased self-esteem, and increased work productivity. Many children, particularly girls, those from low-income families, and Black, Brown, and LGBTQ+ youth are unable to participate in sports due to major barriers.

“At Gatorade, we understand the power sport has to change lives, and while we have a long-standing history of serving athlete communities, our ambition is to do more to create positive change,” said Brett O’Brien, Gatorade senior vice president and general manager. “The inequities preventing kids from playing sports need to be addressed, and as the leader in sports fuel, it’s our responsibility to invest our voice and resources in ways that will create lasting impact.”


Fuel tomorrow is set to provide community programs that help kids play in a safe welcoming environment. The platform will also provide access to sports facilities, equipment and transportation, while also training coaches on how to be champions of equity and inclusion.

Collaborations with major social-impact groups will bring the project to life, and it will be integrated throughout long-standing brand activities. Gatorade is partnering with national groups such as Athlete AllyGood SportsHonest Game FoundationLaureus USA, and the Women’s Sports Foundation to develop metrics and activities that promote equity in sports by using their grassroots networks and expertise. The multi-year effort comprises a $10 million initial investment in these groups, as well as additional funding to help them advance their missions. The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation, Walmart, and other prominent retailers will form community ties with the brand. Finally, starting this year, Gatorade will use athletic trainers, coaches, and registered dietitians to integrate diversity, equality, and inclusion training and educational tools across its programming.

Gatorade will launch a Fuel Tomorrow creative campaign to help build momentum for the effort. The campaign is a representation of the brand’s goal for a world where everyone can participate in sports. A hero film and integrated marketing activities across TV, digital, and social platforms will be part of the campaign. The film will premiere during NBA All-Star Weekend 2022, with on-the-ground initiatives to promote the local Cleveland community, and will star basketball superstars Candace Parker and Damian Lillard with youthful phenom Izzy Escribano.

“As a female athlete, I’ve faced many barriers over the years both on and off the court, which is why I love working with brands who are driving positive change for the next generation,” said Candace Parker, 2x WNBA Champion, 3x WNBA MVP and Gatorade athlete. “While we’ve come a long way, there’s more work to be done and, as a mom, I’m looking forward to working together with Gatorade to build a better future for all athletes.”

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