The New York Knicks aren’t a good basketball team right now. Having lost 13 of their last 16 games and the fact that this was the Knicks’ final game before the All-Star break, a win would have been a great sign-off. Well that’s what ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith would have us to believe.

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They even led by 18 very early in the fourth quarter, which should have been comfortable enough to close things out. Instead, the Knicks simply collapsed against a Nets team missing Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and recently acquired Ben Simmons.  This latest failure to secure a win lead to Smith to go nuclear after the game.

Smith went on to call the Knicks straight up trash. While that could be looked at as a harsh stance, the facts are the facts. The Knicks are blowing big leads at an alarming rate.


The Knicks are currently 12 in the Eastern Conference and 4 games out behind the play in teams. While there is still time to turn things around, it’s not a realistic outlook. Especially at the pace the team is currently going.

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