While Kanye seems dead-set on trying to get his family back together, many think it’s time to call it quits and sign the papers. However, Soulja Boy, aka Big Draco, thinks it’s time for Kanye to stop going on social media to win Kim back, and take some action.

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Souja Boy took to his IG live to deliver a message to Ye. “Kanye, wake up. Skete got yo bitch n*gga, whatchu gon do? Is you gon keep posting memes of Marvel vs. Capcom or you gon lay the smackdown?,” Soulja Boy said. “That’s what the fuck you get n*gga! N*gga tried to play me. N*gga, you know who the fuck I am? I’m Big Draco and now you running around Hollywood crying like a b*tch.”

Soulja seems to still have some animosity towards Ye after he was left off of DONDA without knowing. Following the situation, Ye apologized to Soulja for not letting him know he would not be using his verse. The two seemed to make amends, and Soulja even recently said that he “f*ck with Ye.”


Maybe Ye decided not to use Big Draco’s verse on DONDA 2?