The previously no-way-it-would-happen Martin television show reunion is really on the way. Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, and Carl Anthony Payne II have reunited for the 30th anniversary tv special set to air on BET+.

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Unfortunately we will all be missing the presence of Tommy, the funny best friend of Martin, Thomas Mikal Ford, who passed away in 2016 at age 52.

Martin is one of the most beloved sitcoms in our community, both because it is hugely entertaining and because it played a pivotal role in changing the narrative of Black voices in entertainment and in culture through the portrayal of young, ambitious Black leads and healthy Black relationships,” said Scott Mills, CEO of BET.


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Thirty years after it’s premiere the new special, as reported on Deadline, will look at the show’s origin and evolution. It will feature interviews with the cast and original directors. As well as musical performances and behind the scenes commentary. It will highlight the importance and impact of the show that shaped a generation.

“To be able to sit here thirty years later with this amazing cast that has had such an impact on pop culture is truly a blessing,” Martin Lawrence shared. “I am always humbled that the fans still want more of the show and its characters. I am looking forward to the reunion special.”

Martin and Gina back together on your television for the good of mankind.  Tisha Campbell echoed the excitement in an instagram post captioned “Y’all ready?! We ARE!!!”

The Martin reunion is executive produced by Martin Lawrence, Robert Lawrence, Rae Proctor and Stacy Lyles through his company Run Tel Dat Entertainment.

The reunion special, hosted by Affion Crockett, is tapping today, February 20th. While a specific premiere date has not been confirmed by BET+ but is slated to air later this year. All five seasons of Martin are currently streaming on BET+.

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