Art is a kind of therapy that allows the artist to communicate his emotions and feelings. It is a great means of emotional release for people who are feeling anger or despair. When AJ, the artist, discovered the therapeutic benefits of art, he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. In 2015, AJ started his career as an artist working with other renowned artists in Canada and participated in various exhibitions. Now he is the founder and owner of his company EyJay Inc., which is reputed for selling exclusive art pieces by AJ.

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AJ started by exhibiting some of his artworks at local exhibitions. Over time, he was able to transform his artistic skills and develop a refined style that quickly separated him from his contemporaries. AJ’s approach to art is unique in the sense that his interpretation of emotions through art is distinct.  His inner feelings are reflected through visual creations. This unique sense of art and style of representation have earned AJ appreciation from critics and collectors alike.

Acrylic and epoxy are the primary mediums AJ uses to create his artwork. He usually adds a resin-gloss layer on top of abstract acrylic paintings that makes them more visually appealing. A dominating aspect of AJ’s artwork is the use of powerful colors. The bright colors in AJ’s art contrast with the black and white surfaces making them a piece to behold. AJ is also a master of stenciling and gold sheet art.


To date, AJ has showcased his artworks at various prestigious events across Toronto and around the U.S.A and Europe. Notable among them are his Solo Exhibition in 2017 in Toronto, Future Landscapes Project Gallery, Toronto in 2018, and Clarity, Project Gallery, Toronto in 2019. His work can be seen in the homes of NBA Stars, such as Tristan Thompson and Rap Star Preme. AJ’s artworks are presented at various exhibitions by his company EyJay Inc. which has now achieved the status of a brand.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, EyJay Inc. is all set to showcase his artworks in different corners of the world in the coming years. AJ wants the world to enjoy his art as much as he enjoys creating them. The passionate artist leaves no stone unturned to present his best to the world. When the pandemic hit the world forcing people to live indoors, AJ utilized the time to hone his skills in his studio. He experimented with different colors, strokes, and styles to produce some of his best artwork. He turned adversity into an opportunity to become a better artist and now he is unstoppable.

AJ is looking forward to conducting more art exhibitions through his company EyJay Inc. in major cities in the U.S., such as Los Angeles, Miami, and New York. He wants to take his art beyond geographical borders to cities like Paris and London to let art lovers see what he has created on canvas.

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