Benzino issued a public apology to Coi Leray after blasting potential Nicki Minaj collab.

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24-year-old Coi Leray gained her prominence in the music industry after the release of her viral single, “No More Parties” in 2021, and later adding Chicago’s very own, Lil Durk, onto the single and releasing the music video. The song reached over 76 million views on Youtube, making people want to know more about the trendy superstar.

Since then, Coi has continued to release music with hits such as TWINNEM, At the Top, BIG PURR featuring Pooh Shiesty and more. While Coi Leray is on a consistent run in her music career, the New Jersey native is gearing up to release her highly anticipated debut album.


While the album is still in the works, fans are trying to figure out which artist will be making a guest appearance on the new album. Following a series of events yesterday, fans may now have an idea after Benzino, father of Coi, may have spilled the beans.

“She got the song with Nicki Minaj that’s gonna be coming out that’s gonna be crazy,” Benzino stated in a room on clubhouse. When the media got wind of the collab so many were excited for the singer before Nicki Minaj addressed the rumor stating that she doesn’t have an upcoming collab with anyone. “I don’t have a collab coming with anyone. Onika mode. Love you,” Nicki penned on her Instagram story.

Clearly frustrated with her dad’s actions, Coi Leray took to social media to address his claims, stating that she advises that her father takes the backseat in her career and let her steer the wheel.  “When people was yappin’ they mouth on the Clubhouse he felt like he had to defend himself but I had to tell my dad, he’s an OG and he was super-super big back in the day and everybody knows my dad’s an OG. He gotta play the back, gracefully,” she began. “It’s my turn now. It’s my turn, daddy. I’ma need you to sit the f**k down, grab some popcorn, enjoy the show, and clap for me when it’s time to clap for me. Alright, daddy?”

Although the singer is airing out her frustration, it’s a good thing to see the two on good terms following their online feud at the start of the singer’s career. “He’s going to go hard for me every single time. He not going to let nobody talk crazy about me or nothing,” she added.  “I guess it was a situation where people was yapping their mouth on the Clubhouse and he felt like he had to defend himself.”

Could Nicki Minaj and Coi Leray really have a collab on the way?