Vlogger Tasha K responds to Wendy Williams replacement suggestions.

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After 14 successful seasons, it seems that the Wendy Williams show is officially coming to an end. The 57-year-old media mogul’s show is set to be cancelled in June and said to be replaced with The Sherri Shepard show this coming Fall.

Sources close to production claimed that “The producers informed everyone that the [Wendy Show] was being canceled at the end of June. Then in the next breath they hired everyone to work on the new Sherri show.”


When the news released that The Wendy Show would be replaced, many jumped to social media to suggest who they thought would be a suitable fit for daytime television including names such as Nene Leakes, Tamar Braxton, and Tasha K.

Vlogger Tasha K, who has her own podcast, “UnWine With TashaK” on Youtube has recently been in the headlines after being ordered to pay Cardi B over 3.8 million dollars in a defamation lawsuit.

After the youtube professional caught wind of her name being brought up to replace Wendy Williams, she surprisingly stated she would rather continue with her own platform.

“Listen I’m flattered with all the Wendy compliments but I have my own show. We are legends in the making Winos! just look at Everyone dranking wine now and trying to gossip. We are #TheCulture! #Revolitionaries,” the penned with the toasted glass emojis.

While Tasha seems to want to pass the opportunity down, some fans in the comments thought that the opportunity may be good for her career at this point in time, as she stated she doesn’t have the money to pay Cardi B in a recent interview. “I ain’t got it,” the show host said when asked about her 4million dollar debt.

“Who trying to pay 4 million dollars, you got it? Let me borrow it,” Tasha stated before the interviewer suggested that her money from youtube could cover the amount “It’s good but I got two children,” Tasha responded.

How would you have felt about Tasha K taking over daytime television? We see it! Check out the full video below.

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