Converse announces the All Star BB Shift, the newest basketball silhouette in the brand’s ever-growing array of performance offerings, designed for the next generation of Positionless basketball players who refuse to be defined on or off the court.

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Converse’s All Star BB Shift celebrates the ‘Positionless’ player who can play any position on the court. The player who receives buckets but is not placed in one.

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image001 3

The Converse basketball player, like the silhouette, defies categorization, with a never-ending stream of colorways and player exclusives being painted onto its canvas. Converse has collaborated with its basketball team to produce a one-of-a-kind range of PEs that allow maximum self-expression and storytelling. Similarly, a diverse range of inline colors ensures that players of all levels can stand out.


The BB Shift is built on three tentpoles: control, weight, and lockdown, which, when combined, allow for self-expression on the hardwood, blacktop, or wherever the game takes you.

A sensitive Nike Air Zoom technology in the forefoot, a TPU shield for lateral containment, over lasted construction for better court traction, and a multi-direction outsole assist players keep in control. Leno weave pods provide lightweight support while also improving ventilation, and a textile and synthetic leather upper helps you stand out on and off the court.

You can see the new sneaker below ahead of it becoming available on and retailers on Feb. 28.

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