Breakbeat Media, a rising podcasting powerhouse, has launched “After the Snow,” an epic companion podcast for fans and critics of FX’s Snowfall. Freeway Rick Ross, the activist, entrepreneur, and former drug lord whose life inspired the successful TV series will co-host the podcast with Hip-Hop mogul and Breakbeat co-founder Dave Mays.

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Every Thursday, Ross and Mays deconstruct the most recent episode of Snowfall and reveal their true stories of friendship, community, ambition, and empire-building in the middle of murder, treachery, CIA conspiracies, and the multibillion-dollar drug trade. They’ll share exclusive insight that only those who were present would know, along with special guests.

“A few years ago, I couldn’t have imagined speaking about ‘Snowfall’ nor my life in such detail. But I trust Dave, and I believe in what he’s doing with Breakbeat Media,” says Freeway Rick Ross, co-host of “After the Snow” and the man whose life story inspired “Snowfall.” “I’m looking forward to sharing my side of how things went down – the good, the bad, and the ugly. I know our fans will be blown away.”