The National Museum of African American Music in Nashville has been open for just over a year and they’re celebrating. 

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According to museum officials, there have been 110-thousand visitors from countries all over the world.  The goal is to highlight the contributions Black artists have made to music and culture.  Over the past year guests have been able to use their interactive technology to learn stories behind musical genres ranging from classical to jazz to Hip Hop.

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NMAAM, Nashville

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“It has really been gratifying to see people are coming, and they are having a good time,” said Henry Beecher Hicks, III, President and CEO of NMAAM. “They are enjoying it. They are laughing, playing music, and learning something too.”

In the video below, Hicks, is thankful for the museums visitors, including many notable recording artists like Quincy Jones, Earth Wind & Fire, H.E.R., Bobby Brown, and more.

As we continue in Black History Month, the museum is offering free admission day today. 

On Friday a panel discussion called “Everybody vs. Racism” is scheduled to address the impact of racism. Including outlining the best practices to break down barriers and identify solutions to eradicate historical inequities.

National Museum Of African American Music
National Museum Of African American Music

More information is available on the Museum of African American Music website.

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