Leave it to Icy Bae to influence our next nail appointment.  The ‘Tap In’ rapper introduced us to Icy Air on her Closer music video and we are obsessed.  The nails which were created by Temeka Jackson and her team used everything including crystals, silver chains to match the Icy Air color scheme of light blue and white including her silver short bob. 

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 Another set dripping with a clear pink structure of swirls and rings that looked more like a work of art than a simple nail design complimented her purple hair.  Each nail the structure was added on different parts of the nail. The mini swirly structures were clearly created just for our visual enjoyment as we can not stop looking at them. 

It’s clear now more than ever that Saweetie never misses, and we can’t get enough of her limitless range of looks. So the next time you are looking for something new then feel free to add these pics with your manicurist. And, ff you need us, we’ll be refreshing our IG feeds until we see her next one.


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