As a kid growing up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Bryce Polascik (AKA Precision) was raised in a musical family, where he gained a broad musical background by playing the piano, jamming on the guitar, and learning the drums. As he got older, he began to focus more and more of his time on the piano, as he was competing in highly competitive national events across the country. Precision began playing the piano at age three and started developing an ear for a wide variety of music genres –most notably EDM—at the age of thirteen.

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Precision began his EDM journey by building sounds and creating intricate musical tracks in GarageBand. He got his inspiration from Skrillex after he dropped Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites. Precision graduated from GarageBand to Apple Logic Pro and now uses primarily Ableton. Besides Skrillex, Precision’s musical inspiration comes from artists such as Virtual Riot, Wavedash, and Chris Lake. He wants people to not only listen to his music but also feel energized and alive. An independent artist, Precision is all his own and completely organic in terms of creating his own unique sound. He produces all his own work, while also putting the finishing touches on by mixing and mastering his work as well. One-of-a-kind!

Precision is a highly driven and organized musician, going about each day with the goal of growing and learning something new. He takes the approach of breaking down his large goals into daily tasks, which allows him to keep moving forward with his stellar sound and top-notch tracks. He is headed to the top of the charts!


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