Fans of Summer Walker have seen the Atlanta native’s growth as an artist since she was first introduced into the industry up until now. Aside from seeing her personal growth, fans have also lived through experiences with the singer who helped create the 2X platinum-selling album “Over It” and its sequel, “Still Over It” which gained 200 million listens in its first week.

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Fans were excited to see the singer perform at a recent concert in Atlanta, where she sang a collection of her songs and even surprised fans with a guest appearance from SZA to perform their single, “No Love.” While she sang many songs, Summer addressed why she missed a few tracks from the album, as they are still triggering to the singer.

“I cannot sing that song. I just want to talk to y’all for a second. For anybody that came here and was like, ‘Oh, she didn’t do ‘Reciprocate,’ she didn’t do ‘Session 33,’ I didn’t do a lot of songs from the new album,” she said on the mic. “I want you to know that, you know, this sh*t is real. I write a lot of my stuff. I write most of my stuff and it’s still a fresh wound.”


“My baby, she not even one yet and I ain’t got time to be up here singing that sh*t, crying in front of y’all,” she continued.  “So, I sang what I could and I hope that y’all still enjoy the show.”

Fans at the show roared with cheer, showing they understood where Summer Walker was coming from. Today, Summer looks happily in love with her new boo, Larry, as the two revealed they got matching tattoos in November. Check it out below.