Three former Minneapolis police officers, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Keung, and Thomas Lane, have been convicted of violating the civil rights of George Floyd. According to Newsy‘s Jamal Andress, all three officers were convicted of civil rights charges for depriving Floyd of medical care.

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The officers were present when former officer Derek Chauvin pressed his knee into the neck of Floyd for over nine minutes in May of 2020. In addition to depriving medical care, Thao and Lane were charged with failing to intervene. Chauvin was found guilty of murder in 2021.

In the video, Keung and Lane referred to Chauvin as the senior officer. Keung also knelt on Floyd’s back. Lane physically held Floyd’s legs.


Conviction of a federal civil rights violation that results in death carries a punishment of life in prison or even death, but such sentences are uncommon. Sentencing will occur at a later date.