As is often the case with many of the best rappers (and artists in general), sincere music often stems from difficult moments in our lives. Nevertheless, our experiences through life can drive our artistic efforts in a vulnerable way that echoes our creative output. So it’s safe to say that genuine lyricism is what will most likely turn a listener into a fan––this is exactly what rising artist L1H executes so well in his career.

His music is perfect for giving us that adrenaline edge and refreshing us lyrically. L1H has a certain magic in his music that transports the audience into an ocean of emotion. In addition, L1H has a vetted cadence with a casual delivery yet boasts a natural gift for timing. The lyrics in his music roll beautifully from start to finish. The subtle sonorities highlight his unique artistic personality with an upfront vocal flow. 

L1H strives to be a forward-thinking artist who never compromises his values. He’s always paid homage to his roots, and it’s one of the main reasons for his influence’s success. Fans want to connect with musicians outside of their music, and L1H does excellent work. Labels pump out artists every month, so creatives must pay special attention to their songs’ structure to stay nuanced and visible in a fast-paced music market.

Even though 2022 was a setback for many, L1H has kept an upbeat approach. This season, he honed his skills to add to his ever-growing 2022 collection. L1H is undeniably a game-changer, a surefire talent who is quickly gaining acclaim, and one thing is sure: his star power will keep on growing. 

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