Ever since he was a young man growing up in Cairo, Egypt, Beshoy Mehany always dreamed of becoming an artist. When he was 9 years old, he moved to the United States with the burning desire to do something great with his life. He got his start as a creative artist when he was 17 years old, where he ventured off into acting. Beshoy Mehany rapidly built up a reputable name for himself within the industry, earning over 20 IMDB credits. After graduating from high school, Beshoy Mehany attended the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He graduated in 2019 with a degree in mechanical engineering. Beshoy Mehany currently works as a software developer as a means to an end in order to fund his dreams of becoming a global musical artist, and actor.

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Ever since he was a young man, Beshoy Mehany felt inspired by music. He gravitated towards music creation as a way to emotionally express himself. In 2021, Beshoy Mehany got his start in music by recording in his friend’s studio. He created 6 songs in 2021 that earned him global recognition and a verification check mark on Spotify. When listening to his music, Beshoy Mehany wants his fans to take away the message “That nothing comes easy in life and to keep fighting for your dreams and goals.”

In 2022, Beshoy Mehany intends on taking his music career to the next level. He will be dropping a plethora of new music including his latest single which is a motivational rap song. Not only does Beshoy Mehany write his music but he also produces all the music he drops as well. He has spent this past year cultivating his craft as a musical artist and intends on showing the world the progress he has made in the booth.


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