In an interview at Power 106 in LA  with radio personality Bryana, The Closer rapper explained that meditation is what inspired her to shed the energy attached to her hair. When asked about what inspired her to completely do the buzz cut sweetie answer with an unexpected response. “Meditation, as crazy as it sounds, I found so much clarity in myself,  I wanted to start over and I did research about hair and hair holds a lot of energy and I really wanted to just to feel new and fresh with this new music, I won’t say new me but elevated me” She says.  “ I really just wanted to start over again.”  What does elevated Saweetie look like you ask? The new calm Saweeetie simply responds with:  “She meditates she’s centered, she has clarity she knows what she wants, she puts her foot down, I feel like before I discovered meditation it was just ‘yes, yes I’ll do it’ no matter how bad my body felt if the opportunity was great I just said yes and I kept running down my mental, my spiritual, my physical.  But how am I going to continue to work if I’m deflated so I think that I have established more boundaries around me in the mental space, in the business space as well and I think everyone should do that.  See the interview below.  

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