According to a report from FOX News affiliate in Detroit, the FBI has taken a Detroit man into custody for armed robberies he committed after they identified him from his TikTok. 

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The FBI launched an investigation after a string of robberies occurred in the Detroit area and the surveillance footage were able to link the to 22-year-old Chozen Terrell-Hannah. According to the FBI, he wore the same white Nike sneakers with red trim in the robberies that he wore in videos on his TikTok page.

FBI Task Force agents called the Nikes Terell-Hannah’s “stick-up shoes” and described the situation, saying, “A search of the residence led to the seizure of items believed to be used in the armed robberies including a black Glock handgun, a black backpack with a floral pattern, a skeleton full bodysuit, and white Nike tennis shoes.” They went on to say “(He) admitted to committing all four of the above-described armed robberies and acknowledged using the black backpack with a floral pattern in all four of the armed robberies.”