Jt of the city girls went on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday to talk to her followers about her weight loss goals for her Coachella performance on Friday, April 15, 2022. The Twerkulator rapper Weighed in at 146.7 pounds with a caption that sai- at 5’.2 it was heavy for her size and that she’ll be happy at a weight of 133-135 before she gets to Coachella which equals a total weight loss of 13 lbs give or take. She also revealed that she was seeing a nutritionist to help and unapologetically asked her fans for their help during this process. Showing pics of every meal (see below) she started her morning with rice cakes with peanut butter, bananas and blueberry’s on top which she admitted to only eating one as it got her full. She also showed a pic of water with cucumbers, and lemon mixed in, we are assuming this is what she is drinking throughout the day and for lunch she showed a spinach salad with grilled chicken and hard-boiled eggs on the side, admitting that she didn’t have any dressing to go with the meal as the ones that she had had dairy in the.  This no-nonsense diet seems to be working as at the end of the night she dropped almost one pound.  We are here to support you JT, we know when you hit that Coachella stage you will look 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

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Morning Weigh In 



Fruit Water with Cucumbers and Lemon 


“This is my lunch unfortunately I have no dressing because all of my dressings have dairy.”

Final Weigh-In For The Night