Emre Ucar, better known as Emreezy, has long been broadcasting to the national and international media. He is a popular social media star with many followers on Facebook and Instagram. His journey is not a dream come true.

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Emreezy is a hard-working, courageous and dedicated content creator. He has always believed in his own strength and inward abilities. He never dwells on anything until he reaches perfection. Due to his great content creation skills, Emreezy is widely regarded as the next big thing on Instagram.

Emreezy does not mind spending many hours chatting about his new post or video. As an adult, he always strives to be perfect. He is very proud of doing what he loves to do — posting social media content on Instagram.


Most people do not realize that Emreezy always had an interest in doing something new and unprecedented in his life. When he was just 14 years old, he auditioned for E-Sports and achieved great success in it. But little by little, he realized that his cell phone was something else — a social network.

“I used to enjoy my time as an e-sports fan, but social media is still my first love. When it comes to digital media, the scope of content creation is infinite. I believe that if you work hard on social media people will also start praising your creativity“ explains Emreezy.

From the outside, it seems very easy. But making a prominent presence on social media is very difficult these days. Today, we have many Instagram promoters and social media stars. However, if you have the right skills to create content, the sky is the limit for social media.

From 2013 to 2016, Emreezy enjoyed great success as an E-sports professional. He had also won numerous awards and awards in this sport before revealing his pieces on social media.

“Leaving Esports was a difficult decision for me. It gave me a name, a reputation, and everything. But somehow, I was interested in social media. I wanted to get past ESports, I wanted to explore myself, and that’s when I realized my inner vocation — social media. I just love the creative theme that goes with it. That’s how I got into the world of Instagram and now I’m living my dream” added Emreezy.

Emreezy is a keen observer of events around him. He closely followed the lives of social media promoters and was inspired by them. He also regularly follows Instagram promoters and creators to test their creative skills and genres.

You can directly follow Emreezy on InstagramTwitterTikTok, and Facebook to keep a tab on his new posts.