Music is the universal language that can connect to people without words. It is music that can transmit people from the present to memories of the past. The power of music has been explored in several ways by artists who have poured their hearts into it to connect to the listeners emotionally. Tru Goddezz, a contemporary multi-genre artist is setting a new trend by creating music that helps people discover self-love and spiritual awakening. Tru Goddezz is currently counted among the top 10 on different music streaming platforms for her signature Mystikal flow style. 

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Tru Goddezz is a new-age musician and artist who creates music to develop a deeper connection with the listeners. People have sometimes felt abundance, spiritual energy, and internal happiness by listening to her songs. Sometimes True Goddess’s music has led listeners on a journey of complete relaxation and self-discovery. Her music is focused on enlightenments that help people embrace divine feminine consciousness. It is a mystical blend of words and rhythms that uplifts lower energies in the mind and promotes soul-searching. 

Some people might not find the connection with the music initially but once they do, they want to immerse themselves in True Goddess’s music. It is beyond all jabbering and storytelling. Tru Goddezz stands out from others because of the use of symbolic messages and metaphors in her music. For instance, the word “aphro” in her song symbolizes 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons. Similarly, there are other words or symbols like “Di” which means divine energy, “Sea” which means abundance, and “Psalms” which means inner baptism. Besides the symbolism, the calming flow of her music touches the human mind on different levels encouraging them to embrace the sexy divine feminine energy. 


Another aspect of Tru Goddess’s music has set her apart from other contemporary artists: the energy that resonates with people giving them an unadulterated joy while also calming their inner selves. Tru Goddezz has a unique take on music. Her signature “mystikal flo” style is a divine amalgamation of R&B, punk, alternative indie, and indie rock with a vibe of pop. This distinct style has led to a new wave of fresh music through her incredibly popular soundtracks like “Sex Sea,” “Redemption,” “Ascension,” “Never Good Enough,” “Shadow Cry,” “Telepathic love,” “Astral Travel,” and many more. 

Tru Goddezz is recognized for the haunting soundtrack of “I Am Vision Creator,” the documentary that won several awards. The soundtrack also earned huge critical acclaim on various platforms. Her single “Maya” climbed many music charts across the country and got positive reviews on Jango Radio. The song “Sex Sea” portrays the divine feminine power that illuminates the life of every individual. Another song “Shadow Cry” guides listeners through a journey of self-discovery to find their inner child. It is in this way people can heal their wounded selves and find happiness and self-love. 

Being different in her approach to music in an industry that is dominated by a certain type of trend was not easy for Tru Goddezz. She had to struggle to associate Sex Sea with divinity but finally, she found acceptance among all. She has been successful in making people realize the necessity to break free from the institutions like religion, education, and politics that have been created to keep them enslaved to a system. 

True Goddess has higher goals for the future. She wants to continue her journey in creating divine music to help people find true happiness. To take this initiative further, Tru Goddezz will soon launch her meditation center to guide people in discovering inner peace, happiness, and well-being.

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