The Rebirth, IamKyleRey’s new album, has been extremely well received by his audience of hip hop fans. Since the release, the rapper from Chicago has already been gaining fast popularity and the attention of labels and artists who want to collaborate. While many artists focus on making the music they want to listen to, IamKyleRey’s success is no shock because of his emphasis on listening to the desires of his fans. With everything happening in the world right now, he wanted to give his audience an anthem that brought them hope. It’s no wonder the album is getting picked up by playlists on major streaming services each day.

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If you haven’t heard of IamKyleRey or his album “The Rebirth” until now, you’re about to start hearing his name more and more. What started as a local talent in Chicago has turned into something respected on a national and even international level. He plans to continue the momentum and release many more songs this year.

You can stream IamKyleRey’s latest album on Spotify or follow him on Instagram @iamkylerey


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