There’s a 1Take over going on right now in Los Angeles.

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Just like 1TakeJay did a few weeks ago, 1TakeBoyz’s 1TakeQuan follows suit with a new project of his own, sharing the new mixtape Back 2 Back, which he accessorized with a new music video for the project’s first single, “Love Talk.” The tape and music video arrives on top of the viral wave Quan is riding right now due to the popularity of his latest track, “Single.”

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With a runtime of 34 minutes, the 12-song collection spot 1TakeQuan collab with buzzing artists Big Hube, Tyler J, Chxnk, and, of course, the usual suspects Rucci and 1TakeBoyz. Along with “Single” and “Love Talk,” the project includes breakout songs “Chitlins,” “Bubble Coat” and “I’m Tripping.” Known for his playboy antics, Quan shows a different side of him in the music we rarely hear from a member of the rowdy crew.

On “Love Talk,” featuring 1TakeOcho and Tyler J, 1TakeQuan is an office manager seducing his co-worker as she flaunts around in lingerie, showering the recording artist with money. Ocho and Tyler enjoy bedroom rendezvous with beauties of their own while they rap hypnotizing verses of enticing persuasion. The video is directed by CreatedByBlu.  

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Back 2 Back is 1TakeQuan’s fourth mixtape. Breakin through in 2016, outside 1TakeBoyz music, Quan is best known for his 2019 collaboration with Roc Nation’s Kalan Frfr, “Freak,” the same year Quan drops his debut mixtape, Quebaall. Today, 1TakeQuan’s uncensored energy, unique rugged tone & unforgettable performance style has earned him the moniker of “ultimate ratchet” in the group. 

Check out 1TakeQuan’s new mixtape below, and watch “Love Talk” above.