When it was announced that Antonio Brown would be the head of Donda Sports, many were unsure about a partnership between Ye and the former Buccaneers wide receiver. Now it looks like the two have their eyes set on being owners of the Denver Broncos, and Brown wants people to know that they are earnest about doing such.

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TMZ caught up with Brown, who doubled down on his and Ye’s wish to buy the Broncos. Brown had tweeted about it last month.

“Tell Roger [Goodell] call me, we working on it,” he said. The interviewer then asked if he and Ye were serious about buying the team. “We are extremely serious about it. We working towards it to get it done,” Brown replied.


If the two were to buy the team, they would need to put down $4 billion and be the first Black people to own an NFL team.

Last month, after being appointed a position at Donda Sports, Brown and Ye began discussing the possibility of buying the Denver Broncos. Brown even tweeted, “Donda Sports want to buy @Broncos who with me!”

After his dramatic exit from the Buccaneers, AB is now a free agent but seems to be focusing on other things. News of this comes after the Broncos and Seahawks finalized a deal to trade veteran QB Russell Wilson to the mile-high city. Wilson even asked throughout the 2020 and 2021 seasons for the Seahawks to sign AB.