Ever since he was a young man growing up in Bergen County, New Jersey, Ariel Levy has been a sports fanatic. Some of his fondest childhood memories were watching iconic sports moments, which ultimately inspired his vision to become the CEO of his own sports management business. When he was 17, he started in the sports world when he founded his agency, ASL Sports Group. At ASL Sports Group, Ariel Levy focused on representing basketball players playing in the pros overseas and NBA G League players. After being in the agency business for two years, Ariel Levy felt unfulfilled and decided to follow his true passion, sports management.

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Today, Ariel Levy focuses on day-to-day services, endorsements, marketing, PR, social media, and investments for his athletes. At 21, Ariel Levy represents 12+ athletes across the NBA and NFL. He has built up an excellent name for himself within the sports industry and was recognized as the youngest agent to represent an NBA player at 19 years old. In 2020 Ariel Levy was even featured in Men’s Health Magazine 20 under 20 alongside Zion Williamson. His determination, passion, and love for helping athletes have put him at the top of the industry headed towards the pinnacle of his profession.

The quality that sets Ariel Levy apart from the rest of his competition is his emphasis on the long-term success of his athletes. Currently, he is building up a real estate portfolio for his athletes to create a passive income source that will pay his athletes for life. Ariel Levy has grown his athlete’s real estate portfolio to roughly 3+ million in 2021 and plans to exceed 10+ million in 2022. Ariel Levy wants his athletes to secure their financial future and their kids’ future. The statistics of young athletes going broke are staggering and Ariel Levy will make sure his athlete’s economic future is secure in safe cash flowing, appreciating assets.


The sky’s the limit for young Ariel Levy. He has already amassed 50+ million in yearly earnings for his athletes and plans to continue expanding his outreach. Young athletes need to receive proper representation, and the buck stops with Ariel Levy. If you or an athlete you know needs proper representation, reach out to Ariel Levy. Check him out on Instagram and keep up with his career.