Brooklyn native Tavia Mapp-Deterville is ready to impact SXSW with the Futuristic Femme Showcase once again. The 2022 edition will be held at the Speakeasy in Austin, Texas, and is headlined by Omeretta The Great, Kyla Imani, Niazi Momodu, Santana Fox, Keora, and more.

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For the showcase, Mapp-Deterville has created a flawless line-up, collecting talent from across the country to take over the festival and the music industry.

Showcases like Futuristic Femme are one of the many elements produced by Tavia and her TaviaMD Agency, a PR and Content Strategy Service-based agency. Tavia is 15 years deep in the PR industry, delivering success to her clients through placements on The SOURCE, Revolt, XXL, Thisis50, Hypebeast, The Grammy’s Quarantine Series, BET Jams, and more. In addition, Tavia has led clients to verification on Instagram while also curating stages for A3C and SXSW.

An advocate for women empowerment, Tavia has united her purpose with additional causes, such as Autism Speaks, Sex Trafficking, Black on Black Crime, cancer awareness, and more.

In addition to serving her clients, Tavia hosts the Future is Female Fire Chat, the author of Sex Isn’t The Way To Love. You can tap into all Tavia’s moves by following her Instagram and be sure to hit Futuristic Femme at SXSW. You can see the details below.

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