WWE superstar Big E suffered a broken neck live on air during the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown. Big E was teaming with Kofi Kingston against Sheamus and Ridge Holland when he took an overhead belly-to-belly suplex from Holland, landing on his head.

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After the match, fans expressed their concern for the former WWE champion on social media, with the wrestler then posting a video where he gave an update on his condition and confirmed he had suffered a broken neck.

“can move all of my digits,” he said while wiggling his fingers at the camera. “you see that that’s nice, that’s always a good thing. Strength feels fine.


“But unfortunately, right now, they tell me my neck is broken. So there’s that. But, once again, thank you, everybody, I’m going to be all right. I’l lbe good, don’t worry, go to sleep, don’t worry about old me. But, for real, thank you. And I appreciate all of you, for real.”

Big E has subsequently posted another update revealing that his C-1 and C-6 discs are fractured. Still, there is no damage to his spinal cord or ligaments, meaning no surgery is necessary, and he remains upbeat.

“As bad as a broken neck sounds, they don’t always require surgery,” says Sutterer. “Depending on where the fracture is… sometimes they can simply be treated by wearing a hard cervical collar, which we saw Big E already wearing.”

No timetable as to if or when Big E will return to the ring. WWWE’sbiggest show of the year, WrestleMania, is three weeks away. Big E’s involvement in that show seems to be unlikely.