According to several confirmed reports, the Russian model who went missing after a video of her criticizing Putin went viral, has been found dead a year after her disappearance.

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Gretta Vedler put out a video criticizing the Russian leader, saying, “Given the fact that Putin went through a lot of humiliation in [his] childhood, he could not stand up for himself due to his [slight] physical form, it is not surprising that he left after law school and joined the KGB,” Vedler said. “Such people are timid and fearful from childhood, afraid of noise and darkness, strangers, so traits such as caution, restraint, and lack of communication are developed early in their character.”

One month after posting the video, Vedler was never seen again. A year later, her death has been confirmed, but reports say that her death and the video she released are unrelated. According to reports, shortly after the video was made, Vedler was strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend Dimitry Korovin.


The 23-year-old killer slept with Vedler’s corpse in a hotel for three days while posting on her social media to not alarm people of her disappearance. Afterward, Korovin stuffed Vedler’s severed body parts into a suitcase and drove 300 miles away from the crime scene to the Lipetsk region of Russia, where he discarded her body.

It was the missing person’s report Korovin asked to file that eventually led to his arrest. Details of Korovin’s arrest are few, but will update the story as details develop.

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