MTN DEW has announced the addition of a new roster of athletes ahead of the NCAA tournament, just in time for the frenzy to begin. The MTN DEW Spark Squad is a group of ballers with personalities as distinct as DEW’s flavors and the capacity to enthrall a stadium full of spectators in an instant…even simply by coming off the bench.

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These unsung heroes, which include Iowa State Guard Carter Boothe, Arkansas Razorback Guard Avery Hughes, and Baylor Bears Guard Andrea Katramados, each have a special mission this March: if they score during any tournament game for their team, MTN DEW will dump a truckload of free DEW on their campus for the entire school to enjoy.

“I’m so excited for the opportunity to partner with MTN DEW during the best month of basketball. As a new member of the MTN DEW™ Spark Squad, I hope all of your Razorback fans on campus are ready for grab some DEW when we catch the W!” said Avery Hughes, Arkansas.


“I’m thrilled to partner with MTN DEW and finish the season on The MTN DEW Spark Squad,” said Baylor Bears Guard Andrea Katramados. “Bears, get your game faces ready and help cheer us on so we can bring home the trophy and some refreshing MTN DEW to celebrate with.”

“I’m pumped to join The MTN DEW Spark Squad and bring the flavor of DEW to campus after we take home some W’s this March. Iowa State – get ready to bring the noise and enjoy some MTN DEW on me!” said Carter Boothe, Iowa State.