International songwriter and producer Bilalalii has been working on his sound since he was just 15 years old. The creative grew up in a house full of musicians but didn’t find his true passion until he started making beats. It was during a digital music class that Bilalalii discovered his love for making music. 

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Fast forward a few years and Bilalalii is now in prime position to make a career out of his passion. The artist has spent the last couple years touring with different artists around the world and learning the trick of the trade. 

While Bilalalii made his debut back in 2020 with his song ‘The Same’, the artist has recently been taking his career seriously. “It’s something I knew I loved doing and once I figured out a way to start making money I’ve just been doing it since,” explained the artist. 


Bilalalii says he has more songs on the way including a couple exciting new collaborations. 

You can listen to Bilalalii here: