LeBron James and Drake are two of the most blessed celebrities in their respective industry- and recently they teamed up to share their blessings with one deserving family in a big way.

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Drake shared a video on Instagram in which he invited a Toronto-area teen named Michael, who plays basketball for the Royal Crown Academic School in Toronto as well as his mom and his coach to dinner at Toronto’s Harbour 60 restaurant, the same place where his 2011 “Headlines” video was filmed.

He starts out by plugging Stake, James’ crypto gambling platform, as well as Lobos tequila. The clip shows a cutaway video of Drake winning big while playing roulette on Stake, then saying that he believes in transferring similar blessings to others.


Drake then tells Michael, his mom, and his coach how proud he is of their hard work before giving Michael and his mom $100,000 cash as well as giving both Michael and his coach new shoes.

In addition to the gift for Michael and his family, Drake also made a donation to James’ I Promise School.

The full video can be found here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CbdiqGxuDn2/.

James and the Lakers will face the Pelicans this Sunday, March 27.

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