Sony Australia’s chart-topping star Lara D makes her North American debut with a new single and video “Bad Case of Loving You.” For the debut, the Morrocan-Lebanese singer-songwriter tells a rollercoaster love story that ends in one discovering self-love. Stream the new single below via Sony Entertainment Australia.

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“about falling into the trap of toxic love and the mixed emotions that come with discovering if someone is genuine, or if it’s all part of a game,” said Lara D about the song’s concept. “Sometimes we fall for someone that we shouldn’t because they don’t treat you right or they fall through on their promises. It’s not a heartbreak song, it’s more about warranted disappointment in someone for turning out exactly like you thought they would.”


The song was co-written by DNA Songs, Lara D knew the song was a hit from the first listen.

“I was playing with vocal ideas and I come up with a cool rhythm vocally in the chorus, everyone reacted and said “that’s it”, it became a key hook – it was funny as I kinda wrote it without thinking,” says Lara.

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“Bad Case of Loving You” was filmed at Caves Beach and an arcade in NSW. Lara D, alongside director Alex Greaves, was hands-on with elements of the creative including directing and styling allowed to bring her vision to life. In an unbelievable turn of events, filming was delayed on Caves beach with beached whale drawing on the efforts of Lara, Alex and the crew to get it back to open waters. Despite it held up and everything worked out accordingly.  

Lara’s debut is only the beginning of her U.S. take over. She plans to release more new music and is currently in album mode, eager for a late-2022 release. “I’ve been waiting so long to show off my sound and creativity, I’m going to be playing shows too, so I can’t wait for people to hear the songs I’ve been working on live!”

Take a look at the U.S. debut below, afterward, stream Lara D’s catalog above.