Trey Songz can’t seem to stay out of the headlines. Today, the multi-platinum recording artist was called out by actor Sarunas Jackson, best known for the role of Dro on HBO’s Insecure, who revealed the two had a past altercation and what the actor thought of the singer on the latest episode of the Guys Next Door podcast.

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In episode 140, while discussing the overabundance of actors in the music business, Jackson, 32, reveals that a lot of musicians try to play the “tough guy” role in real life but aren’t cut from that cloth at all after several run-ins with a few, then reveals one of the altercations being with Trey Songz involving a female.


“And like some of them, I mean some of them be doing crazy sh*t by like, like I said I had some run ins,” Jackson explains to hosts Mouse Jones and FlyRy Jackson. “And they do that thing where they were trying to sell this tough guy scene. Like this one … Trey. Trey Songz, B**** A** N****, try to press women, you know what I’m saying? But then turn down a fade when a n**** came up to him for the fade, turned it down,” the actor said in the clip above. “I’m not cool with n****s like that.”

He continued, “If he wants to fight women and stuff like that—to me, I can’t operate like that, because you get so many of those and especially once they there and it’s like, it’s unfortunate because I’m a fan!… I can separate the man from the artist, but sometimes it starts getting a little too muddy for me.”

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Jackson’s latest comments would resurface a screenshot of a now-deleted tweet about the “Say Ahhh” hitmaker at the end of 2021, which said, “HE IS A B***!! F*** THAT B*** A**! Hope he gets what he deserves. Can’t stand his disrespectful bitch ass. F*** him.”

Trey Songz has been accused of sexual assault by various women, including actress Keke Palmer (Nope). He is currently involved in an ongoing $20 million lawsuit where the undisclosed woman accused the singer of “brutal rape” that landed her in the hospital for “immediate emergency medical care.”

Trey Songz has yet commented on the remarks at press time.

Feel free to check out the full episode featuring Sarunas Jackson here.

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