After a two-year hiatus, SxSw returned to Texas. Over the music festival weekend, fresh talent and fans from all across the country flooded Austin’s 6 street, and The Source provided the perfect platforms for them to showcase their talent and for fans to witness talent. 

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Whether you saw the Streets Verified Concert, DJ Holiday’s Hollipalooza, or the From The Block Music Stage, the Source’s editor, Kim SoMajor, along with concert partners Slim of Streets Verified, Woodrow of The Umbrella Firm, KD, whom is DJ Holiday’s manager, Holiday, Robin Wingz of Charismatic Solutions and Azae Productions made sure every artist got a chance to put on in front of a packed crowd.

Rob49, Sally Sosa, T-Rell, K Shiday, Fedd The God, Santana Fox, Seddy Hendrix, Domani, Euro Gotit, 1900 Astro, Kyla Imani, Super Dope Q and Mexican OT served as headliners but artists from all over came out. Even Atlanta’s legendry DJ Big Rankin made an appearance as he brought out TIG’s youngest signee Hit Em Up Rondo. 


On the rise rapper, Duckman said he flew 3,203 miles from Alaska to take part in this event. 

“It was a great experience getting to meet a lot of upcoming artists and networking with everybody,” said the Alaskan rapper. 

“The crowd gave good energy and good feedback. My flight from Alaska was 8 hours but well worth it. I like the fact it was raw and the people were in sync with each artist.”

Duckman is from Alaska where it’s cold and although he’s no Eskimo, but his music will motivate you to get ice with his song “Yeah.” With a neck full of iced-out Cuban necklaces, he said “I’d be mad too if I was broke!” 

He also respected the fact that he got a chance to perform in front of DJ Holiday, and having the presence of the Source in the building. 

“It was an honor working with DJ holiday and the source on this show,” said Duckman. “I grew up listening to DJ Holiday earlier mixtapes so it hit a little different. Shout out to the Source too because I feel like they represent the underdogs.”

FevaOG, from Orange New Jersey, got the crowd lit with his new single “Casamigos” who shared the same feelings performing. 

“I’m glad I was able to share the stage with some well-known artists like Trae Tha Truth, Domani, etc. DJ Holiday showed me love and was laid back, so I look forward to working with him. The Source came through the building and made sure they captured all the talent that was there.”

Another New Jersey native also killed the stage. HUZSUH said he was “glad to be a part of this” and killed the stage with his track “She Up Next.”

HUZSUH – She Up Next (Official Music Video)

From Topeka Kansas, T-Rell put his vocals on full display as he sung “My Dawg” acapella. T-Rell quieted the club as his voice grasped the attention of everyone in the crowd. 

J.O The Rapper from Detroit said performing in front of the Source said it made him feel like he was a part of Hip Hop.

“Growing up, The Source played a big influence on my childhood, said the “Control” rapper who performed at the From The Block stage. “This was a huge moment for me. This was big. I feel like I’m a part of Hip Hop. I’m very appreciative.” 

Florida’s own Trap Beckham gave some good advice before performing. He thanked DJ Holiday and the Source for giving him the stage and told all the aspiring artists at SxSw to “keep this going.” He added that he performed three years ago at the last festival and his career took off. He then went on the perform one of the hottest songs out, “Birthday B***h.”

Fans also got a chance to check out some of the new Queens of the culture. Kyla Imani, Santana Fox, K Shiday, Sally Sossa, and Jatavia Akiaa all represented the ladies. 

Kyla Imani, from New York and Jatavia Akiaa both respectively captivated the crowd using their vocals.

Kayla Imani killed the stage with her “Track Star” remix. 

Jatavia Akiaa and her beautiful backup dancers put on a show as she performed her new single “One and Done.”

And while Imani and Akiaa held down the R&B side of Hip-Hop, K Shiday, Sally Sossa made their presence felt with hard rap lyrics. 

Sossa, the Houston artist who has the viral track “Star Song” featuring Lil Durk, is most known to use her voice melodically, switch it up for SxSw. 

Sally Sossa aggressively delivered her “Boss Me Up (Freestyle).”

K Shiday, also from Houston, came hard on her set. The newly independent artist displayed her overall talent, singing and rapping with her new track. “On Top.”

Santana Fox, the daughter of Prodigy from the NY rap group Mobb Deep, is making a name for herself. She has her own sound and style that separates her from the rest. 

Scotty ATL, who’s now the King Of Grillz, not only gave away two diamond grills to a man and a lady in the audience, but he also introduced his new artist Just Call Me Veto. 

Under Tha Cool Club label, Just Call Me Veto lit up 607 Trinity St with his new single “One Of Them Ones.” This was his first SxSw performance and the New Orleans-born, but Atlanta-raised artist didn’t take it lightly. 

“This is major,” said Veto. “In 2014 I was just walking around. I always wanted to do a show here and now I had three. Shout out to DJ Holiday, Scotty, Kim SoMajor, and The Source. This is major.”

Atlanta’s own PFG Shawt felt like DJ Holiday really embraced him for putting him on the Hollipalloza show. 

“Just allowing to put their music in front of a real crowd is epic,” he said. “Big up to DJ holiday, hometown love.”

He also expressed gratitude for the Source’s coverage. 

“Just being able to be a part of the Source is big,”

 “Grew up with the source being my favorite magazine. It’s a pleasure and honor truly appreciated.”

“Statistics” PGF SHAWT feat. Charleston White

The Streets Hottest Youngin, 1900 Astro held down the A in a big way. Nobody matched the energy the YSL artist provided on the From The Block stage. He put on a spirited performance with his new track “SLIME SLATT.”

SLIME SLATT (feat. Prod. by Trell) 

If the job was to grow the culture by spreading the culture, then the mission was accomplished. In the return of the SxSw musical festival, music makers and music consumers both felt the presence of the Source.

We put on a some dope shows and brought the entertainment to Austin.

Hope to see you next year.