Back in 2017, Masego and FKJ began a jam session that resulted in the production of the now certified platinum record, “Tadow.” The record helped the “Trap House Jazz” pioneer gain widespread attention. It followed by the release of his debut studio album Lady Lady.

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To celebrate “Tadow’s” 5th anniversary, the Virginia artist teamed up with Toronto artist Voidz, in addition to Quincy Jones-backed platform OneOf.

“I’m very proud of what it has become. Any way to take the narrative and move the way that I want to. I wanted to represent, art, cultural exchange and lab musicians so this is a cool art piece for that representation.”


Voidz has collaborated with both Drake and Belgian artist Stromae.

“Tadow” presents a number of different instrumental elements that bring the record to life. Those sonic elements are visually represented within this new NFT. There are 4 tiers of the piece that vary in rarity – green, gold, platinum and diamond. The platinum tier includes a remix contest in which fans have access to WAV files of sounds hear in the NFT.

Fans will also have the opportunity to win signed instruments, a custom NFT created by Voidz, tickets to upcoming shows and the RIAA Certified Platinum record for “Tadow.” 

“I think this is the first NFT to create a digestible visual language of the music making process,” said Masego. “I hope it inspires more musicians to explore ways to translate that process for fans and collectors.” 

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