In the words of the legendary Mr. Huxley, we live in a “Brave New World” when it comes to many aspects of our lives. Technology keeps us connected at a fast and profound rate, affecting the music industry. Artists can now produce world-class-level music from the comfort of their home studios and distribute their tracks to the world in just a click. While this is wonderful for the productivity and accessibility of music, it also creates a considerable problem: excessive competition. 

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There are millions of artists out there trying to vie for their audience’s attention. Eventually, some of them might give up altogether, frustrated or discouraged by the feeling of not getting anywhere. Putting music out there with little to no splash in fan interactions can be disheartening, especially when you know that your music is worthy of an audience.

In most cases, artists might miss out on one piece of the puzzle: developing their brand and telling powerful stories that connect with the audience and the media that might impact how artists expand their reach. Not only artists but also many independent record labels are struggling with such issues; few have been intentional about addressing issues with tangible results. Enter Nineteen Media Group.

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The two forward-thinking Swedish entrepreneurs, Julius Wallblom and Robin Csete have observed and studied these patterns, eventually bringing their own media company to life: Nineteen Media Group. Unlike a traditional social media agency, this agency enables brands, artists and entertainers with brand strategies and other media services that unlock their full potential and develop their presence and relevance in the digital era.

When it comes to crafting artists’ musical journeys, they also specialize in curating stories and pitching them to outlets, including major media platforms that might be interested in covering new artists. Nineteen Media Group operates worldwide, and Julius and Robin are passionate about finding talented contemporary artists to assist in their budding careers. They understand that it is vital to aid artists in finding their identity and showcasing their unique background––allowing them to further nuance their platform within a fast-paced industry.

Some musicians might not be able to look at the bigger picture without an outside perspective. Still, Nineteen Media Group is all about taking a deep and insightful look at an artist’s brand and finding the right angle to improve and establish it. This is the key first step to finding a great audience. After all, one of the oldest concepts in marketing is that you can’t sell anything well unless you know it. This applies to music as well! Once you fully understand the soul of an artist, it’s easier to create a direct connection with the soul of the listeners.

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