The social media agency hovers around the music industry, helping artists via their platform.

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The music industry is beaming with the best of talents who have impressed a global audience with their craft. It is perhaps one of all industries which give instant fame to those who make the right moves. Connecting with the right audience is perhaps one of the best ways for music artists to mark their presence, however not many are able to pull off this task successfully owing to a lack of proper resources or backing which in turn cuts their journey towards success short, leaving them disappointed. What these artists need at this point is a robust entity that helps in showcasing their talent through the right channels that can lead them on the right track resulting in a glorious career. Justin Grome’s social media agency Clonefluence is an entity that has taken the task of bringing the right talented artists hovering around the music sphere to the limelight.

Justin says that he was always inclined towards the music realm and had vowed to do help areas associated with it. He put forward his social media expertise to use by establishing Clonefluence in New Jersey in the year 2017, which has grown into a full-fledged agency looking after the work of numerous artists trying to set base in this fiercely competitive industry. The expert team at Clonefluence manages the publicity and marketing of every artist enrolled with them, and to date has given phenomenal results by successfully placing many of them on the center stage, helping them kick-start their careers in the music industry. Justin says that social media is a powerful medium that can help reach wide audiences worldwide. If used in the right way, it can give outstanding results and that’s what he’s been doing for many of the artists by helping them gain the right exposure via his digital marketing strategies which have never failed to perform to date.


There are numerous methods that Clonefluence uses for the artist’s digital presence which helps them gain a strong foothold in the vast world of music where getting noticed is a big task. The agency has found its way to the top position and is growing at a fast pace by consistently helping artists find their way into the music industry.

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