The story of a young artist and tattoo master Drozdov, who conquers the hip-hop charts

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Talented performer Vladimir Drozdov was born in Ukraine, but has been successfully working in California for many years. In the United States of America, a man is known as an experienced tattoo master and a creative artist. He is invited to paint various Art objects of contemporary art, to create an original sketch of a tattoo, etc. In the field of art, he is known as a Drozdovtatoo.

Drozdov was fond of hip-hop all his life, he listened to Post Malone, Travis Scott, Young Thug, as well as Junior Choi, Swae Lee. The young artist is sure that he will soon achieve the same success and move to a new level.


In the field of art, he also chose a style that maximally reflects hip hop culture. This is Chicano style. Talent and an unusual vision of the world are noted by many famous people, his victories in various creative competitions are always bright, original and always attract attention.

Despite the fact that Vladimir has already taken place in the creative field as a tattooist and an artist, he decided to try his hand at music. The choice fell on the hip-hop style, because it is the most suitable for telling a story.

The first musical compositions immediately attracted attention and began to win the hearts of people. His tracks “Sps” and “Run” gained incredible popularity in the first month. Moreover, immediately after their release, Drozdov received an offer to work together from the already well-known artist. According to the artist himself, this was his first musical work of this level. Despite this, their joint track takes the first lines of the California hip-hop charts and successfully moves up the US charts.

The musician has a team in California and Asia, with whom they co-write music. Their project «ЯD» was recorded on the island, this musical composition combines all shades of hip-hop style. Her sound is truly unique. Drozdov from the very first steps in the music industry was able to do something unique. As the fans say: “It’s not just music, it’s a vibe! Music that shows life as it is”.

The goal in the musical field for a musician is not so much success and popularity, but the opportunity to set a new direction in the genre, develop its uniqueness and bring something new to the world. Music is not his only calling, it’s another opportunity and the way of self-expression.

The young artist himself is a reflection of his life, ideas and creativity. His appearance, his works and his music speak of what he saw, where he traveled. His sensational track tells the story of a boy who ended up in an orphanage at the age of four, but grew up, forged himself like a blade and went into the world to follow his dream.

Drozdov radiates positive, life is in full swing in him. His colleagues note that next to him, it is impossible to stay idle. It charges with energy and desire to live and create. The musician calls with his work not to give up and not to lose heart, but to live here and now.

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