The Grammys always had a rocky relationship with the Hip-Hop culture, and it’s safe to say they made it worse. Yesterday during the 2022 Grammy Awards show’s “In Memoriam” segment, Virgil Abloh was described simply as ” “Hip Hop Fashion Designer.”

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Virgil’s influence plays a significant role in the rap community, but his legacy goes beyond just Hip-Hop. Virgil Abloh, 41, died in November of 2021, and already he served as the artistic director of menswear for Louis Vuitton. He started his label, Off-White. He is often a collaborator with Kanye West and Travis Scott. Virgil also impacted music. Abloh was also nominated for a Grammy for his work on the recording package of Watch the Throne.

Fans found it confusing why the Recording Academy labeled Virgil as a “Hip-Hop designer,” and it didn’t sit well with them. On Twitter, you can find the response of many angry people.


This statement made by the Grammys is another example of the organization failing to recognize and adequately acknowledge the impact of Black people. This is the leading cause of the tension between the Grammys and the culture.