Last week Chris Rock’s brother Tony Rock came to Chris’s defense after he was slapped by Will Smith at the Academy Awards for disrespecting Jada Pinkett-Smith.

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After watching the world go through a phase of ‘protect the black woman’ it was interesting to see the response after a man well…protected his black woman.
The feelings and history behind black hair is way deeper than poor comedic jokes. From alopecia to being told our hair is ‘bad’— black women have endured years of embarrassment at the expense of a few laughs. From being called nappy-headed, bald-headed and worse, it’s expected that men with black moms, aunts and relatives understand  the pain behind black hair. Acceptance, convenience, time-management and lack of hair knowledge have all contributed to black women’s hair journey. While it can be as personal to many as personal hygiene, it’s always baffling when men speak on issues that pertain to women.

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Tony Rock tweeted that everyone should watch his brother’s movie ‘Good Hair’ to prove Chris has nothing against ‘women of color’. This quickly turned bad when he was reminded how badly Chris portrayed Black women in ‘Good Hair’ a movie he allegedly stole from another Black woman
From explaining to White America how and why Michelle Obama wears weaves to turning his nose up at women who relax their hair Chris Rock’s disdain for black women’s hair choices were inevitable. His film Good Hair was supposed to teach others about our hair journey. Reminiscent of the kid that goes to school and tells all his family’s business. While celebrities supported the film and women in the film laughed nervously—most black women cringed through his movie. From questioning a child about her perm to trying to sell black hair no one wanted, it was just another slap in the face to the women we are supposed to protect. While Chris Rock’s own relationships have seemed to fail in spite of him choosing women with awesome hair choices, the question remains…is it a man’s business to discuss what a woman does with her hair? 
Watch these clips below and Twitter’s response.


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