Only thirteen NBA players have had their number retired from multiple teams. Kevin Durant believes he should be number fourteen.

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In an interview with The Ringer, the 12-time All-Star said he thinks his jersey should be retired in Oklahoma City and San Francisco. 

“OKC has to retire my jersey,” Durant said. “It wouldn’t even be good for the game of basketball if they didn’t. The same with Golden State. I’m still doing what I’m doing here in Brooklyn, but if I continue on what I’m doing four or five years, then I’ll feel the same way about this program. I better have a home. Because I feel like I am basketball. I breathe it. This is my DNA. I put in the time and respect and love for each one of these programs on and off the floor to get that type of recognition. If I don’t do it, then it’s personal.”


Durant is an all-time great talent on the court. He is entitled to have his opinion and could be on to something here. The Golden State Warriors have already gone on record stating they will eventually retire his number. The Oklahoma City Thunder haven’t gone on records about retiring Durant’s number but should consider it. Durant won his first league MVP while with the Thunder. He helped lead the team to its last NBA Finals appearance in 2012. Will the Thunder eventually retire Durant’s number? Who knows, but the case for doing it is a solid one.