One of the most impactful legal voices to weigh in on legal and criminal cases in Hip Hop is Moe Gangat, who has given his POV on cases such as NBA YoungBoy and Casanova 2X, but Gangat has some integral speculations about the Megan Thee Stallion/Tory Lanez case that many may find shocking.

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According to Gangat’s IG post, “Two extremely interesting facts that came out about the Tory Lanez case. First, the police have admitted into evidence, they’ve testified, that the other woman who was involved here, they tested her hand for gunpowder shot residue, and she had gun powder residue on it, suggesting that she may have been the shooter. Number two, there was an eyewitness, somebody who was a third party who saw the whole thing and he said, ‘I saw two men and another woman beating on Meg.’ As for who pulled the trigger? He said, ‘I don’t know but I did see the muzzle flash go off and the other woman was the one closest to the muzzle flash.'”

During yesterday’s hearing, Lanez was cited for violating the no-contact order with Megan Thee Stallion handed down by the judge. He was taken into custody and forced to pay a $350 bail in order to be released.


The case will resume on September 14.