Chicago native and music connoisseur G Ben Israel, took a personal hobby and turned it into a lifestyle. CEO of “Base Builders Co” a promotion agency aimed at providing industry level exposure for artist, G Ben paves a lane much needed for independent brands.

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Coming from a big musical family, G Ben Israel has and always will have a deep love for music. His father James Stroud, was apart of the R&B group “The Notations” during the 1970’s. His aunt Marjorie Stroud, studied gospel, classical piano, jazz organ and a soloist performing with orchestras all over the U.S, Middle East & Europe!! 

It’s safe to say that quality music of all genres is in his blood, with such amazing musical influences to look up to G Ben has a natural ear for captivating sounds. G Ben never dreamed he would be where he is right now, growing up in the “wild 100’s” on the south side, he knew he had to change his surroundings.


Determined to build something bigger than himself, he began envisioning how to combine his natural love for music with the business of online promotion. In 2018 he decided to purse his passion and launch his own agency, “Base Builders Co”. The goal of his company is to produce organic growth strategies for artist to find newer audiences. 

With services like “Playlist Placement, Marketing packages for platforms like Tidal, SoundCloud, YouTube, Napster, Pandora, Apple, Shazam and blog placements on the hottest websites, his company has become a top resource for artist everywhere.

Base Builders Co has over 1 Million followers across all music & social media  paired with the support of Chicago, making G Ben Israel a true visionary and media legend. Although the road has never been easy, G Ben stayed true to his craft, expanding his knowledge and making genuine connections to build a legacy to last a lifetime.

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