MC Akilah Nehanda has taken social media by storm with her controversial unapologetic freestyles.
From vaccinations to R.Kelly and now the Will Smith episode she voices her ‘unpopular opinion’ on trending topics. Garnering over 1 million views on TikTok, empress Akilah thanked viewers on her Instagram page.

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1 million For the second time. #APDTA Listen! I just bring different perspectives! Will Smith can apologize. Jada can even say it was unnecessary and she doesn’t need protection! That doesn’t change my thoughts on the matter whatsoeverrrr. 🗣I SAID WHAT I SAID! I wish Breonna Taylors Killers got as much disciplinary actions for murder as Will is getting for a SLAP. All of them need to be in rehabilitation centers like they made Will go to 🤣 This country is sick. I hope y’all are watching what’s happening.

In a past interview with Vice magazine, the Houston beauty explained how and why she ventured into music.

I just started makin’ music, with the purpose of inspiration, and then, like you said, I just start realizing, “You know what? This can be bigger than what I’m makin’ it. I can make this bigger.” And I think — I try to think big, so I’m always like… the influence of Michael Jackson, that’s what we need, you know? [laughs] You know how big he was? This message deserves that type of impact on the world.


What do you think about her freestyles?

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