Last night NASCAR turned into WWF wrestling when Ty Gibbs and Sam Mayer came to blows.
Gibbs lost the lead to Brandon Jones in the final corner and attempted a final drive off the corner when Sam Mayer ran into Gibbs from behind, moving him up the racetrack and creating a three-car jam for second place. Mayer then ended up driving Gibbs into the wall.

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Gibbs expressed his displeasure by running into Mayer after the checkered flag, and things escalated once the two stopped on pit road. Gibbs quickly confronted Mayer, and the two exchanged words and shoves before Gibbs began punching and grabbing Mayer by the head. The two went down in a pile before being separated.

“I tried to talk to him, and he got all in my face. At that point, we’ve got to start fighting,” Gibbs told Fox Sports. “We got put in a bad position there. The only thing I’m mad about … He wasn’t going to get past the No. 16 there and I just got hit in the left rear. It’s just frustrating. I just got drove in the fence at the end.”


Mayer, who was left with a black eye and some bruising to his face, said his racing Gibbs hard on the final lap would have awarded $100,000 to Mayer had he passed Gibbs to be the highest-finishing Dash 4 Cash-qualified driver.
Mayer criticized Gibbs for getting upset for being on the receiving end of getting moved out of the way despite his willingness to do the same to other drivers Gibbs previously moved John Hunter Nemechek for the win at Richmond, a point which Gibbs agreed.

During the melee an official was also placed on a stretcher and taken to an ambulance with unspecified injuries.
Watch the video below